Life is precious and for a good life good health is important. Sometimes we harm our health without even realizing!

Few things which seemingly seem harmless are actually quite harmful for your health. These hidden harmful effects can cause a lot of health issues. Let’s see how you can take care of your health and save yourself from these hidden factors:

  1. Refined SugarWell.. we all know that too much sugar is not good for our health. It can lead to issues like diabetes which in turn lead to other complications.  But do you know there are several food items which have hidden sugar in them?  Pizza sauce, carbonated drinks, cakes, salad dressings, donuts, etc. have loads of unrefined sugar in them.  Minimize their intake for a good health.
  2. Avoid Alcohol

    Too much of alcohol causes liver damage.  So, avoid consuming alcohol as much as possible.
  3. Dairy found in processed foods

    Lactose used in many processed foods, casein a binding agent in many food items, butter, recaldent in dental products, etc. cause more harm than good.
  4. Bend your spine

    Most of us have back pain and other pain issues because of a bad posture. Daily exercise and bending the spine, by doing yoga or any other form of stretches can help alleviate all the aches and pains.
  5. Detoxification

    Our body needs cleansing internally once in a while.  So, by consuming raw food the entire system can be detoxified, which in turn makes the body feel healthier and lighter.
  6. Dental health care

    Teeth care is quite neglected.  Right from the childhood, kids should be taught proper brushing, flossing.  Regular dental check-ups are equally important.
  7. Laugh more often

    Laughter therapy is the cheapest and best therapy for mental well being.
  8. Take care of your mental health

    Depression and anxiety are major issues which we tend to take lightly and overlook, but these actually should be addressed.  This helps in a good quality of life.
  9. Tackle stress well

    Exercising, socializing, staying active helps in managing stress well.
  10. Sleep

    In this day and age of stress and social media, most of the people don’t sleep well.  A good sleep at a stretch for 7-8 hours not just relaxes the mind, it keeps the body healthy too.


Guest Writer: Ritwika Mutsuddi


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