poth holes nr. BMC head office due to heavy rain in Mumbai - pic. by Ghanashyam Bhadekar

One of the oldest topics of debates. . . .

I wonder why we still have to do this, because I believe that there has been enough time for the conditions of the roads to change.


Thanks to corrupted greedy politicians and their contractors, we are still facing the problems of bad roads. Politicians are the ones who have to be blamed for all this, but everyone also plays some part in this. Our role is carelessness; because how many of us know the composition contractually required of the materials with which our roads are constructed? Too few of us, to be sure.


If we don’t know the composition and specifications for the roads we personally are most interested in, what gives us the right to blame the politicians, the contractors or other government offices? Without our own personal knowledge, our rage will continue.


There has been a major change in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, etc., where the roads are impressive with the right amount of speed bumps, the proper ingredient materials, asphalt thickness over the sharp granite road beds and attendant smoothness.


Distances to small towns and villages, from one point to the next, makes us realize how much work still needs to be done. Instead of finishing the whole distance, poor quality foisted upon the public requires saving what was already “finished,” by urgent required repair, of that which should have lasted twenty or more years! It’s nothing for pot-holes to appear within a year after construction because of the thin amount of asphalt over the sharp granite road bed. Obviously, the contractor put the materials costs savings in his own pocket or split bribes with those who turned a blind eye to the fraud upon the public.


Why do the residents of distant towns and villages not have their objecting voices heard? Talking to them makes us realize that they have simply accepted their fate and have totally given up on their right to good roads. So, these are the places riddled with bribery where only we the public can do some good. We should rotate our interests from section to section, contractor to contractor, making our presence, interest and questions known on a daily basis with attendant governmental protection. Let us be the ones actually paying attention.


Not only should we as individuals be interested, but there should be friendly cooperation between all parties of government, social workers, and the panchayat all standing together to ensure the fraud ends. The citizen has attempted to put the entire responsibility in the hands of those we don’t really supervise. Our road rage will end only when we get involved in a friendly way with all who are responsible. Indian road rage will then end.


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