Need For Success
Everyone doesn’t feel the itch to succeed. Some yearn for relentlessly but fail to achieve it, others seem nonchalant about it and are always accomplishing tough goals with poise. Success has distinct definitions for different people. Nonetheless, the Olympic gold for the runner equates the daily target of the minimum wage earner when he earns his daily bread; success is sweet, success is rewarding and success is desirable. that definitely makes success worth the effort needed to achieve it. And who amongst us doesn’t want to succeed?
There is nothing more delicious than the taste of sweet success!
You can never succeed if you don’t want to.
This sounds like a corollary to you will always succeed if you want to. But it’s not that simple. The intensity of the desire doesn’t have a cause of effect relationship with the outcome. It does impact the effort put in to attain that outcome nonetheless. And if success is dependent variable(it truly is), it is contingent on the focus and effort invested in its direction. Excuses are mere defences to mask shortcomings. If there is a will (to work hard), the way usually finds you. The light at the end of the tunnel has tremendous power. If you will it, it will happen.
Find your driver; Belief
It there’s no driver, the vehicle won’t move. It needs the fuel that constructs resilience and power to move on the path to triumph. When you believe, you begin to conceive and only then will you achieve. The foremost driver is faith in one’s abilities and conviction to see the dream of success to reality. There will always be hindrances (it’s quite normal to have setbacks). What is not normal (or acceptable) is the refusal to fight the impediments traversing that path. If you don’t believe you can do it. no one else ever will. Success doesn’t seem sweet enough if the effort hasn’t been included in its recipe. Choose the right ingredients in order to relish the taste.
Patience and Hard Work
Waiting mustn’t be misconstrued as a purposeless waste of time. Amalgamated with patience are careful planning and deliberate preparation. Luck befalls those who keep an eye out for it. Endurance is the greatest determinant of achievement. Most believe, but few survive the lag period that calls for passionate fortitude and optimism. Zig Ziglar said, “The most practical, beautiful, workable philosophy in the world won’t work if you don’t.” There is no substitute for hard work in the success dish. So never refrain from putting in your best.

Continuing Review
Like continuing education programmes that keep one up-to-date with their profession for instance; regular updates from introspection within oneself and learning experiences from failures are a must on the success path. Frequently several deviations drift one from the desired direction. If eyes are over the goal, alternate routes are permissible (if they rationalise the costs). An unceasing the success plan and its expectations of implementation and success.
The world without expectations has the potential to offer the most far-reaching sense of satisfaction. When nothing is anticipated, the smallest gains seem only too generous. Life cannot offer sanguinity in all situations, thus it becomes imperative to use mistakes to personal advantage and grow in intellect and as a person. One can be critical of the self but must be just too. Don’t beat yourself else you won’t have the energy to spring back. It’s an imperfect world but making the best out of the imperfections is indeed optimism. It’s the supreme, yet the humblest driver to success.

By Isha Singh



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