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Image Courtesy: Curly Tales

A new food outlet, MRP in Oshiwara has got our taste-buds tingling with excitement. And for all the right reasons. Actually, just one reason – Cheese.

MRP has taken our favourite street food, Vada Pav and given it a European twist, one that has our tummies twisted up in hungry knots. The dish has these bite-sized spicy potato wedges and Pavs which you can then dip into an even spicier cheese fondue. Don’t be afraid of that rid chilli powder you see drizzled on the top, it’s a gracious serving of spice to suit your Maharastrian-trained gastric choices.

If that isn’t enough reason for you to come on down for a quick meal, then I don’t know what will! And if you aren’t a cheese-lover (Like. Why?), MRP also has their signature alcohol served at the actual MRP. The Vada Pav cheese fondue isn’t their only creative dish, MRP also doles out unconventional dishes like Veg Kulcha Burgers, Chocolate Beer Cake and the dangerous Death Certificate cocktail (you’ve been warned!).

What’s more? MRP’s new outlet in Dadar, is a game-themed bar with a fresh take on games. This isn’t your regular bar with a set of board games for you to enjoy on your night out with your friends. Here, every table has a rule book for each of the games you can play, be it beer pong, flip cup, a super-sized Jenga and more. So now, no more fighting with other tables for your favourite games, you’ll have them right at your table.

And if you’re like me, the only fighting you’ll be involved in, is for the last bite of the Vada Pav fondue!



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