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The twist and the tang, the crust and the cheesy core – when it touches the palate, it tickles the foodie soul and lingers on your mind that makes you want it even more! Experience the same delight with unlimited pizza slices at Playlist Pizzeria in Bandra as they make an offer that you cannot ignore or refuse. An on-going deal of a lifetime that awaits you every day from Monday to Sunday.

Test your limit and let your tongue elevate the gastronomic adventure on unlimited veg pizza slices costing only Rs 300 and non-veg pizza slices costing Rs 350, only at Bandra’s Playlist Pizzeria between 12 noon to 6pm.  The offer is still ongoing with no certainty on its validity, but you wouldn’t want to any take chance. Isn’t it?

There’s more than just unlimited pizzas..

Plus enjoy the unlimited famed meal along with a portion of ‘not unlimited’ French fries and Garlic Bread each at this pizza outlet in Bandra. If your hunger pangs are hitting you hard and you can’t resist but to give your diet plan a little breather, just head towards Playlist Pizzeria in Bandra and rely on your gym instructor to take care of the rest. Sounds awesome?

So, get ready to consume as many pizzas slices you can in the gap of 6 hours and take a note of the following:

Where to go…?

The Playlist Pizzeria, Shop No.1, Gloria Apartments, St. Baptist Road, Bandra West

When can you find it…?

Well… from Monday to Sunday (that means everyday)

What Time…?

Noon to 6 pm

What’s the Price…?

Unlimited Veg Pizza Slices for Rs 300 & Unlimited Non-Veg Pizza Slices for Rs 350. They also offer French Fries and Garlic Bread to enhance your meal.

So, if you are at your workplace anywhere near Bandra or want to give yourself a kitchen-break, try out this cheat meal and we bet you will fall in love with this offer.

You can contact the restaurant for further queries!


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