Roberry Case

The robbery took place in Bandra. A man had parked his car near a medical store. Once he returned from the store, he realized that the rear window was broken, so was his bag and laptop were gone. He filed an FIR in a Bandra police station. However, so far, they haven’t been able to zero in on the culprit. The man’s name is Glen D’Souza who is an event manager.

D’zouza had gone to play football with some friends at a ground near St. Andrews Road in the west side of Bandra. He said “After playing football, I wanted to pick up some medicines from a chemists shop. Around 8.30 am, I spotted one at the turn of the Holy Family hospital and parked my car there. I then called my doctor to confirm the name of the medicine and picked it. I must have been away for hardly 10 minutes,”

He also added “When I crossed the road and came back to my vehicle, the rear glass had been broken. To my horror, my bag and laptop were missing. I realized that it was a robbery. My bag contained my passport as well,”

Even though there were CCTV cameras present, they did not cover the area where the robbery happened.


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