Farmers Loans Waived

The loan waiver scheme that was promised by chief minister Devendra Fadnavis will still take a month to be implemented. This loan waiver scheme will help tackle the agrarian crisis.

Fadnavis announced a Rs. 34,022 crore loan waiver scheme for 89 lakh farmers after the agitated members of NCP and Congress expressed their annoyance regarding the vast number of farmers’ suicides in the state.

However, the scheme was to be implemented before Diwali on November 25th, but now has been pushed to the end of the year. The reason was that the government, unfortunately, was unable to give the implementation the green signal.

A bureaucrat of high rank said that there was quite a delay in the implementation due initial slips and misses. Despite the delay, it is assured that the loans of all eligible farmers will be waived before December 31st.

Based on the data submitted by the State Level Bankers’ Committee, the CM declared a loan amount of Rs. 34,002 crores to waive loans of 89 lakh farmers.


This noble cause did have its share of glitches. The submitted data submitted by SLBC was incorrect and the actual number of farmers was 67 lakhs. Those 67 lakh farmers also included ineligible farmers. Even the information technology department wasn’t careful while compiling data. Hence, there was a delay in the implementation.


According to the bureaucrat, on October 27, loans worth Rs. 89.15 crores for more than 2 lakh farmers were cleared, and on 27 November, loans worth Rs. 8386.6 crores of more than 15lakh farmers were cleared.

He said “Since we have adopted a completely transparent process, banks have been instructed to ensure the loan is waived after adequate verification”


As of yesterday, loans worth Rs.9284.75 of over 17 lakh farmers within the state has been cleared


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