Christmas wardrobe

Ladies! It’s that time of the year again when you glam up to look your best. Christmas is just around the corner and you may want to dig up your wardrobe for that missing piece of sequin top to match your skirt. If you are looking to invest in a party dress, it is the perfect time to do it, darling, as the sale season is walking hand in hand with the holiday period. Here is a bunch of cool fashion ideas for the season to help you decide your dainty look:

Shimmer up
Parties are a lot livelier with glitters & shimmers. Add a subtle shine element to your party dress with a sequin top or a shimmer skirt, shoes or a clutch. High heels and a beaded clutch are a perfect combo to compliment this shimmer look. Subtle is sweet, and they can be worn even after the party season is over.

Smart Casuals
Want to party, yet maintain a professional outlook? Then smart casual is the way to go. Pair up a peppy jean with an elegant top and cover up with a chic jacket or shrug. A shimmer bag and ballerina shoes make up the entire look. And oh… do not forget a few accessories to round it up.

christmas wardrobe
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The Black Cat
Who can say no to a black dress? This is a stunner, a head-turner for sure. Do it with a lacy peep toe and wear that make-up right. A dangling pair of earring should add to the perfection. Be that black cat of the night and steal away the limelight.

Christmas Wardrobe
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This look cannot go wrong. No ways. This is a style statement in itself. A charming beige-gold figure hugging dress topped with a wintery-white jacket, a strappy stiletto to compliment, a studded choker and a glam pouch to complete the look.

christmas wardrobe

Drop-dead Gorgeous!
Now that is what I call… a killer! If you really want to pair it up with something, do it with a matching pair of pencil-heel shoes. ‘Who is that diva?’ is all that will go around the room this day. I have nothing more to say, gorgeous!

christmas wardrobe

These are just a few suggestions. What do you think will be ideal for you? Share in the comment box below and let’s see if we can help you find your purrfect look.


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