April 16, 2016 MEXICO CITY. Mr. & Mrs. Luis Vasquez asked their autistic son what his favorite band was, and which song. He says it’s Track 8 (ocho), “Fix You”, by Cold Play. Later they took him to the Cold Play live concert where he is utterly overcome with emotion. His parents said: “[This is] something my wife and I decided. We now share this with the entire world. ‘Have a look,’ says it all! You gotta see this…” Luis Vasquez. (We Thank you Señor y Señora Vasquez! for sharing this with the world.)
It’s getting millions of hits around the world and has garnered International media attention. It proves what a GREAT Dad this little boy, Huillo (Hooi yoh), has. He works with his son every hour of the day. When the whole “Arena of the Sun” erupts spontaneously in song at the chorus, Huillo can’t hold his emotion any longer. The sound and moment is so wonderful to him, he cannot hold his autistic joy! Be prepared with your handkerchief as you watch this one.

Mumbai, India – by Donal Liberty Wood



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