Dew and glow are two major key words in the beauty industry right now. ANd why wouldn’t it? Having a glowing skin with a sligh dewy finish gives that youthful look. So, people with oily skin (including me) while we do face the wrath of grease at the end of a busy day, the wrath pimples and acnes, be thankful that you were blessed with the dew and glow naturally. Dry skin people, fret not, for below, you’ll find the secret to achieving that perfect naturally dewy and glowing look with less efforts. And why not, even people with oily skin can try it too provided they use the right products.

So if you’re someone who enjoys less makeup with touch of that healthy glow, then just keep reading.

1. Prep your skin

Prepping your skin with right skin care products is very important. Inorder for your makeup to look flawless, a healthy base is very important. So choose the right skin care products according to your skin type.

2. Choose the right base

Like mentioned before, any skin type can achieve a glowy and dewy look provided if they use the right products. So if you’re on dryer side, choose a foundation that’s hydrating and enhance the dewy quotient. For oily skin, choose a matte foundation so that keep excess oil at bay. After the foundation is applied, you move onto concealing. For concealing undereyes, you can go for a shade that’s exactly your or close skine tone if you’re going for a more natural look. If you want to enhance them a little more, then choose a shade that’s 2 0r 3 shade lighter than your skin tone. When it comes to concealing any dark spots, acne and blemishes, sticking with a concealer shade that’s your skin shade is very important so that you don’t hint away the fact that trying to hide something.

Once the foundation and concealer is applied, you move onto setting them. Dry skin people need not neccessarily follow this step, but still you can go ahead powder your Tzone(it starts from the centre of your forehead, to the bridge of your nose, a little on apple of your cheeks and end on the chin.) But this step is very essential for oily skin as the powdering will help keep the face matte for a longer period of time.

Side note: If you’re not comfortable with foundation, it’s perfectly alright. You skip that step and directly move on concealing.

3. Adding colour

Now that you’ve finished the foundation and concealing routine, it’s time to move on to adding some bronzer and blush to face. Add the bronzer to the perimeters of your face and the hollows of your cheeks and a pop of blush to the apple of your cheeks

4. Eyes

Totally based on preference guys. IF kajal is all you want to do, by all means, go ahead, but do make sure that it’s subtle so that the purpouse of no makeup makeup isn’t defeated. But a lil eye makeup is what you fancy, go for slight wash of colour with neutral shade or a shimmery shade and your eye makeup is all good to go.

5. The star of the show: the dew and glow

This is the most exciting part. Now is the whip out your favourite highlighters. Now, there are different ways of doing highlighting. There are powder highlighters and cream highlighter. You can use them both too. If you want to use creamor liquid highlighters, make sure to use them before using any powder makeup because creams and liquids don’t sit well on powders. But if powder is what if what you are going for , the you can top off the powder highlight on top your powdered face.

Side note: Mix a few drops liquid highlighter with your moisturizer/primer/foundation to give a more of a ‘from within glow’ look


6. Set the makeup

Setting sprays are something many makeup artists and makeup lovers rely on to set the makeup and make it last longer. Again, it’s advisable to choose a setting spray that goes with your skin type, you know by now, illuminating/hydrating one for dry skin and a matifying one for oily skin.

Finish off this look with pop colour colour on the lips and there you go guys, you just achieved the perfect dewy and glowy no makeup makeup look.



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