#BloodMatters Blood Donation
Image Source: Twitter India

A report from World Health Organization (WHO) states that only nine million blood units are available annually in India, against a demand of 12 million units. On Tuesday, Twitter India launched a new social initiative, #BloodMatters with an aim to create more awareness and to bridge the demand-supply gap for blood units in India.

Twitter’s first blood donation helpline to join and partner with the #BloodMatters is Blood Donors India (@BloodDonorsIN). Twitter says that, in order to connect and reach a larger audience, it is looking forward to work with other blood donation helplines such as blood banks and health institutions across the country.

With this thoughtful initiative by Twitter, people can now request for blood donation. You can simply tweet to @BloodDonorsIN with your location hashtag, blood type, mobile contact and Twitter handle for requesting blood donation. Along with requesting for donation, people can also come forward to help and donate blood by following @BloodDonorsIN and responding or retweeting to requests for help.

Union Health Minister, J.P. Nadda conveyed his thoughts on this initiative by saying, “I am happy to see Twitter take up this cause to strengthen the overall health and well-being of the country with the #BloodMatters initiative. This will play a powerful role in mobilizing resources and strengthening the blood donation drive in India.”

Twitter is now expanding the reach of the @BloodDonorsIN helpline through Twitter Lite, which is a more data-friendly application that provides access to real-time information exchange on blood donations across India. Currently, @BloodDonorsIN is handled by a group of volunteers so, to scale the operation Twitter will soon implement an automated response solution.

Head Public Policy, Twitter India, Mahima Kaul says, “We are humbled to kickstart the initiative with @BloodDonorsIN, a handle that symbolizes our mission of positively impacting the world by harnessing the real-time power of Twitter and hope to make a larger impact by extending its reach through Twitter Lite.”

With Twitter India coming up with such an initiative, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that social media can shape the world and help in making it a better place.


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