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This year, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has resorted to an unusual way to improve the standard of education and results in civic schools across the city. On one hand, teachers from these schools will have to pay a fine of ₹100 and ₹2000 if their pupils are lagging in studies, while on the other hand, they will be rewarded with certificates if the class is performing well.

Time and again, we have heard people saying that if a student can read and write, the credit goes to his/her teacher. As a society, we owe it to our teachers, whom we also consider as our ‘Gurus’, according to ancient India’s ‘Guru-Shishya Parampara’. However, the times have changed in several aspects and so has our educational system. But what happens when a student fails and ends up messing up things for him/herself? Should we still blame the teachers? Why not? India’s education system has not been up to the mark for a very long time now. The examples of which can be seen at many universities and schools today. Meanwhile, passing the buck won’t help to make the system better. It is government’s duty to recognize the loopholes and tighten the loose ends.

BMC has issued a 12-page circular to the education department. The circular contains a list of parameters, based on which the performance of a school as well as a teacher will be evaluated. Not just teachers, but schools will also have to undergo this grueling process.

Students must be happy, that finally their teachers will be judged and given scores too! After all, why should only teachers have all the fun?

Jokes apart… although the intention of introducing this circular is to better the education system of Mumbai’s civic schools, it has infuriated the teacher’s community beyond imagination.

Experts believe it will create a scenario wherein teachers will become lenient in giving marks, considering the amount of penalty involved.

According to a spokesperson of Maharashtra’s Principals’ Association Mr. Prashant Redij statement, “We agree education standards need to be improved. But then let the performance scale be the same for all BMC staff, why only teachers? So many files remain pending with BMC, civic departments fail to provide services they are responsible for. In a civic body where the mayor himself has been a teacher, such harassment is shameful.”

Now that the BMC is paying attention to this problem. The question is, how on earth BMC believes it will work? Here’s how…

BMC stipulated performance based Rewards and Penalty for schools and teachers
If a class attains 90% or above success rate in a specific subject the teacher will be rewarded with a certificate
If a class attains 100% success rate in a specific subject the teacher will be recommended for Mayor’s award
If a class attains below 90% the teacher will be fined ₹100
If below 80% the ₹1000 and so on


Evaluation will be done at the end of an academic year.

What are your views on this, will this work, or it won’t? Feel free to voice your opinion or give us your suggestions in the comment section. Let us work together for a better tomorrow!



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