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Our country is always ill, with cricket fever! No matter what happens, our cricket crazy nation is always ready for another tournament, another challenge, another over or just another match! And the one that is just a few weeks away is the all-famous IPL.

The Indian Premier Leagues is back again and no, we can’t keep calm. Because we just don’t know how to. Haters would go on to say that it has become to commercial and the spirit of the game is all gone, but these are the same people who block out dates to watch their favorite teams battle it out against each other on the pitch.

While what goes on off the pitch is honestly none of our business, but what goes on under those stadium lights is very much our business. What we are talking about today are some of the IPL ‘starlets’ who have found their mention in several places but remain overrated when it comes to the actual game. Let’s take a look:

  1. Manish Pandey – Sunrisers Hyderabad

This middle order batsman was paid a whopping 11 Crores in the IPL auction and fans and cricket fanatics are wondering why! Having played 103 games, he has a strike rate of only 120.11 which, from the looks of it, is just about average. Not a consistent player, Manish Pandey is yet to rise to the occasion and blow us away with his cricket prowess.

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  1. Kedar Jadhav – Chennai Super Kings

Coming from Maharashtra, this batsman has played 64 games in the IPL and has managed to score only 893 runs, which makes him a patchy and unreliable player. Yet, that didn’t seem to deter the team from spending 7.8 Crores on clinching him. Cricket world is rather strange, I tell ya!

  1. KL Rahul – Kings XI Punjab

A gifted batsman, one might wonder what he is doing on this list. But spending about 11 Crores on an injured player who hasn’t yet regained back his original form does seem like a little too much. Doesn’t it?

  1. Jaydev Unadkat – Rajasthan Royals

The costliest player of the season, Jaydev was auctioned off for 11.5 Crores and we can’t help wondering if those haters are really right about the game being turned into something else entirely.

Be it politics, scandals or pure entertainment, cricket has been embroiled in its fair share of ups and downs. And as we enter another year of IPL, we already have few talking points ready and we can only wait and watch for what is about to unfold. Either way, we’re stocking on our popcorn and are getting ready for game nights!

Written by- Natasha Badsha


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