Janata Bar, Bandra
Image Source: Justdial

Want to enjoy your weekend but running low on cash? Craving for some good food? Want to get drunk and have fun? Then you must visit the iconic Janata Bar. This bar is a small place nestled in the western suburbs of Pali Hill, Bandra. They serve the best “Chilly Chicken” in the town and it is one of the reason for the bar being crowd favourite. For all the alcohol lovers, this might be the place for you to chug your drinks for a happy mood.

Janata bar is not a fancy place like the other high-end restaurants and bars across the town. The bar is always filled with college students and people looking for a quick night drink that won’t empty their pockets. The music here is loud but, when you get squiffy the loud music is what lightens your mood.

The bar has two sections one is the upstairs ‘AC section’, and another is the downstairs ‘Non-AC section’. You are free to sit anywhere you wish and if you have a smaller group you can share your table with another smaller group. As the place is crowded it takes longer than usual to deliver the orders but trust me the food quality is totally worth the wait. At times, the bar is so jammed that the waiters serve food to the visitors waiting outside the bar.

Fun atmosphere, cheaper drinks, music and delicious food; what more do you need for a happening weekend? I personally love this place and I would suggest every Mumbaikar to visit this place at least once in their lifetime. Drink yourself blind at the Janata Bar in Bandra so you have some crazy memories to share with your friends the next day.


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