Hichki Movie

Bollywood movie fanatics have a wait a longer to watch Rani Mukherji’s comeback film, Hichki.

The initial release date for the movie was February 23rd. Now the release date has been pushed to 23rd March. The decision was taken by Yash Raj Films as the audience for the movie will be more post-exam period. March is a crucial month for exams, especially the board the board exams.

The release date change was announced on Thursday. Even Aditya Chopra agreed with the date change as it will bring more audience.

“The multiple screenings of Hichki saw outstanding reactions. The audience in attendance have called it one of the best content driven and heartwarming movies to ever come out of YRF. So naturally, the reaction of the team is that does Hichki currently have the best release date to get an extended run in cinemas across India.” Producer Maneesh Sharma said.

According to him, Hichki is an out and out family movie that will entertain audiences across all age groups.”

He even said “The YRF team decided that March 23, 2018 is the best release date for Hichki, especially given the post-exam scenario for students and families – the most relevant target audience for this film,”

Manan Mehta, Vice President – Marketing and Merchandising, YRF said: “With exams out of the way, March 23 gives us the opportunity to reach out to and speak to the youth, especially school students, and their families as this film is extremely relevant to them.”

Hichki is a movie about a teacher who suffers from Tourette Syndrome that forces an individual to make involuntary repetitive movements or sounds. Hichki is a feel-good movie with a powerful message. It shows how being an odd member of the society throw all kinds of challenges and one has to overcome them in order to find happiness and acceptance.



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