Importance of Voting

Ours is the world’s largest democracy and we are the previleged to have the right to elect our candidates by voting.  Voting holds a great importance in a democratic country.  Let’s see how:

It’s our right

As citizens of this country, voting is our right.  Any individual above 18 years of age has the right to choose the candidates who can represent them.  Our whole democracy is built on the foundation of voting.

Bring a change

If we find a certain candidate or government is not working up to the mark, we have the right to change them by voting.  If people don’t vote, then they shouldn’t be complaining about an inefficient or dis-satisfactory government as they didn’t try to bring the change.

Medium of expression

Voting for a particular candidate or party is a form of expression of the people of a country.  Ours is a vast country with so many states and regions.  If people want a certain candidate to represent their issues, they should vote and elect him.

Each vote counts

Ours is a hugely populated country.  Often people don’t cast their vote thinking that one vote won’t make any difference.  But each vote actually counts.  If thousands of people don’t cast their vote thinking like this then a major chunk of population isn’t keen on bringing the change.

Voting is an honor

We should be proud of the fact that the makers of the constitution and history of this country conferred the honor of voting to each citizen and we should respect it.


Voting gives every individual a sense of empowerment as they feel that they are an important part in choosing the government.

Prevent electoral fraud

If people don’t vote, corrupt officials can impersonate the votes and vote illegally.  That will defeat the whole purpose of fair voting.

Guest Writer: Ritwika Mutsuddi



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