world cancer day

Cancer, the word itself is scary for everyone.  But more awareness and acceptability needs to be created.

Sunday, February 4 is World Cancer Day where organizations and individuals will work and participate to raise more awareness about cancer and to make it a global health priority.  Around 8 million people succumb to cancer every year.

New York in the United States will be one of the places where this event will be observed remarkably.  The Empire State Building will be lit blue and orange for the seventh year in a row. Blue and orange are the colors of Union for International Cancer Control, which organizes World Cancer Day.

All over the world, there will be various campaigns, walks, seminars, public information campaigns, festivals to create cancer awareness among people.  The aim will be to educate people about prevention, healthy lifestyle, coping up.

This year the theme of World Cancer Day is “We Can. I Can.”

So, what is that individuals, as well as communities, can do to spread awareness about cancer?

What individuals can do:

  1. Making healthy lifestyle choices, quitting smoking, quitting alcohol, getting exercise, eating healthy, getting proper sunshine should be followed by each individual.
  2. Be aware about signs and symptoms of cancer for early detection as earlier it is detected the chances of cure are more.
  3. Cancer survivors can share their own stories, join support groups, and help make positive changes in the life of cancer patients.
  4. Once the patient is cured, if possible, return back to work to lead a normal life with normal social life, income, and routine.

What communities can do:

  1. Educate people about risk factors of cancer such as smoking, alcohol, poor diet, lack of physical activity.
  2. Help people to shun stigma, discrimination, and myth associated with cancer.
  3. Improve access to affordable cancer health care for everyone. Not everyone can afford the expensive cancer treatments.
  4. Encourage schools and workplaces to spread awareness and encourage people to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Seek governments help to give adequate resources to prevent cancer deaths and ensure that the patients and survivors get a better quality of life.


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