Hyperloop Pune to Mumbai

Everyday people travel from Pune to Mumbai and back and forth and spend minimum 3 hours train ride. But now that can be cut down to 14 minutes. Yeah you hear it right, 14 minutes! Maharashtra government signed a MOU with Vergin’s Hyperloop One to conduct tests to reduce travel time from Mumbai to Pune.

What is Hyperloop One?

Imagine traveling non-stop at 1000 KM per hours, above ground or underground in a tunnel. This is Hyperloop. A new mode of transportation has been developed by Hyperloop One. It starts with an electric motor and has been broken down into two components.

  • Rotor which rotates
  • Stator which is stationery or call it tracks.

The stator is an electromagnet. So, when electric current passes through it, the rotor is magnetically attracted to spin. Unlike a normal electric motor, hyperloop is not circular but linear. And the rotor is on the pod which is propelled magnetically and levitates inside the hyperloop. Nearly all the air out of the hyperloop tunnel has been removed and hence making it friction free and fast!

It is also energy efficient and costs less to run than conventional trains or flights. With Hyperloop One we should just can the idea of Bullet Trains. What do you think? Check out the video below on how the Hyperloop One will look like.


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