Navy Day 2017

Navy day is one of the honorable days celebrated in India. Navy day came into existence on December 4th, 1971 after the success of Operation Trident. This day not only celebrates the success of the operation but also the achievements of the naval force of the country.


Operation Trident:

Operation Trident was launched on December 4th, 1971. The India navy fleet sailed from Okha port in Gujarat, towards Pakistan. Soon the orders to attack the Karachi port ensued. Karachi port is the stronghold of Pakistan Navy.

The Indian Navy succeeded in sinking four Pakistani vessels. They also destroyed the Karachi harbour fuel fields which resulted in the death of 500 Navy personnel. The three missile boats that’ll forever be remembered for its important roll in the operation are INS Nipat, INS Nirghat and INS Veer.

After reaching 70 miles south of Karachi, the fleet was ready for a combat. After a lieutenant noticed a blip on the radar, another missile was fired on another enemy vessel. Even though the missile hit the vessel, it was still afloat. But the second round of missile strike sunk the ship, a ship which was later known to be the Pakistani PNS Khaibar.

The war progresses by INS Veer firing its first missile at Pakistani vessel Muhafiz a minesweeper, which sunk along with the entire crew.

Just within 90 minutes, The naval team fires six missiles that sunk four Pakistani vessels which also included a cargo carrying the ammunition and a fuel storage facility at the Karachi harbor.

They successfully returned to Mumbai without any casualties.

Fun fact! As the fleet was returning, one sailor climbed up a missile hanger and wrote the word ‘killers’ on it in red paint. Thus, ending up christening it as ‘The Killers’.

As of now, besides the maritime patrol aircraft, the Navy is in charge of operating ships and submarines that are really modern and ace quality. INS Kadmatt, the second indigenously built anti-submarine warfare corvette, was commissioned in Vizag in January this year.

Many naval warships also took part in overseas deployment in the past one year and undertook international fleet reviews and multilateral naval exercises including counter-terrorism exercises. INS Satpura was the first Indian Navy ship to visit the Marshall Islands and Micronesia.


Happy Navy Day to all the brave hearted Naval members of the Naval force of India.


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