Enjoy Waffles Raining at Grandmama’s Cafe
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Waffles..the name itself tempting!  Who doesn’t like the aroma and taste of waffles?  It’s kind of a soul food.

Waffles are generally enjoyed during breakfast by most of us.  It is enjoyed with various toppings like chocolate, honey, maple syrup, butter and its melt in the mouth.  Sometimes we get cravings for waffles at odd hours of the day, isn’t it? How would it be if you get your waffles at any time of the day and that too absolutely free with any meal?  Sounds unbelievable right?

Grandmama’s Cafe, Kemps Corner, makes this dream a reality from February 1 to February 8 where you would get waffles not just with breakfast but with any meal!  It’s the Waffle Festival at Grandmama’s Cafe where you will Homemade waffles with breakfast, lunch, dinner and guess what it will be absolutely free!  Now, this can’t get better than this. These yummy waffles will be with honey, maple syrup, whipped cream, fruit compote, and you won’t have to pay for it!

Only if you choose toppings like Nutella, marshmallows, milk chocolate, Snickers, or salted caramel you will have to pay for it.

The waffles are large, golden and crispy from outside and soft from inside. The waffles, which are usually priced at 230/-, will be absolutely free during this festival.  Only the aforementioned toppings, which need to be paid for, will cost 70/- or 90/-.  Each bite is delicious and totally satisfying!  Your taste buds will thank you for this!


The Waffle Festival at Grandmama’s Cafe Kemps Corner will be from February 1 to February 8 from 9 am until midnight. Grandmama’s Cafe is known for its delectable menu and cosy ambience.  Its food as well as the ambience is very homely and gives a nice kind of warmth.

The location is Grandmama’s Cafe, Ground Floor, Habib Mansion, August Kranti Maidan, Kemps Corner.

So, don’t miss this Waffle Festival at any cost!

Guest Writer: Ritwika Mutsuddi


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