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The ‘Unity march’ that’ll be held by The Republic of India and led by Union minister and Dalit Leader Ramdas Athwale is likely to cause inconvenience for road commuters in South Central Mumbai, as the rally will cause more traffic. The march will 3 hours long.

The march is being conducted to promote peace between the Marathas and Dalits. Many RPI workers are going to be a part of this rally.

The march will be three kilometers long, beginning from Chaityabhoomi in Shivaji Park at 4pm and ending at Naigaon in Dadar at 7 pm.

The rally will pass through Shivaji Park, Plaza cinema, Tilak bridge, Dadar TT and culminate in a meeting at Sadakant Dhavan ground in Dadar (East). This meeting will be addressed by the Union Minister.

The RPI however believes that the raly will not cause any traffic disruptions. Avinash Mahatekar, national general secretary, RPI said “The police will manage things, and traffic will be delayed by five to 10 minutes”

“It is an attempt to foster relations and encourage unity between the two major communities, which have been affected by the Bhima Koregaon violence,” Mahatekar explained.

In the beginning of January, riots took place in major parts of Maharsahtra due to massive dispute between the Dalits and the Marathas. The Dalits were celebrating the 200th year of the British-Peshwa war in which Dalit soldiers played a pivotal role in ensuring victory for the British. The celebration took place in Bhima Koregaon, 40 km away from Pune. The dispute lead to Maharashtra bandh, which was the reason for many schools, colleges and oofices being shut. Many public as well as private properties were wrecked.

Though the rally has a just cause many Mumbaikars strongly feel that it is a bad idea. Some even believe that it is just a political stunt.


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