Fashion Trends in 2018

Every year there are changes in the fashion trends.  People are bored of following the same style, pattern, colors, and trends and want something fresh.  Certain trends of fashion rule the charts every year.

So, what will be fashion like in the year 2018?  What can we look forward to this year in terms of styles and trends?  Let’s check out:

Pastel hues

pastel hues, Fashion Trends in 2018

Lavender is going to be THE shade in 2018.  This beautiful shade will dominate the wardrobes this year.

Dramatic and wild prints

pastel hues, Fashion Trends in 2018

Wild art and cartoon-inspired art is going to rule this year.  Bold prints in color-blocking patterns are going to become popular.

Athleisure fashion

pastel hues, Fashion Trends in 2018

Activewear never goes out of the trend, in fact, it is one of the most popular fashion trends that never changes. This year, as well as yoga pants and T-shirts with sporty logos, will rule the charts.

Wide leg trousers

pastel hues, Fashion Trends in 2018

These trousers are stylish as well as comfortable.  These are high waisted and can be teamed with camisole or shirts.

Beret Hats

pastel hues, Fashion Trends in 2018

This will be one of the hottest trends to make a comeback this year.

Dark denim

Dark Denim, Fashion Trends in 2018

These denims can be jeans or two-piece dresses which can be teamed with good accessories and footwear to give that stylish look.


Fringes, Fashion Trends in 2018

Fringes have never been out of fashion.  Since the 1920s they have dominated the fashion world in one form or the other. Even in 2018 fringes will be there.

Wearable pouches

Wearable pouch, Fashion Trends in 2018

Sleek trendy wearable pouches are going to be a hit this year.

Capes and ponchos

capes and ponches,Fashion Trends in 2018

New trendy designs of capes and ponchos are going to dominate the fashion scene.


Jackets, Fashion Trends in 2018

Jackets always up the style quotient of even a simple look.  In 2018 as well jackets will rule the fashion industry.

Guest Writer: Ritwika Mutsuddi



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