change of season and time

Changes in season and time are inevitable.  This is a part of the nature that we have to deal with and cannot fight it.  But we can surely prepare ourselves to combat these changes without affecting our health and life much.

Changes in time:

Circadian biological clock:  This biological clock is the reason we sleep and awake at a particular time.  This is controlled by a production of melatonin, patterns of light and darkness.  Our mood fluctuates because of this reason.  Daylight Saving Time creates an impact on the circadian rhythm.  One can adapt to the changes by following these tips:

  1. Start preparing for the changes in advance. Adjust your sleep time so that your hormones get adjusted to it.
  2. Don’t forget to exercise to keep your mood uplifted.
  3. Power nap. Do take power naps in between to feel refreshed.
  4. Make 8-hour sleep mandatory. This will keep you rested.

Dealing with changes in the season:

  1. Take care of yourself, be gentle. Don’t exert yourself, go easy.  Do physical activity as per your tolerance.
  2. Eat seasonal food. Every season has its own set of fruits and vegetables.  Go for the seasonal vegetables that are available in plenty at that time.  This will keep your immunity good.  Seasonal fruits and vegetables are full of nutrients.  Sit in the sun for some time in the day for vitamin D.
  3. Stay hydrated. This is very, very important.  Drink plenty of water and fruit and vegetable juices.  Refrain going overboard with tea and coffee though.  Hydration will keep your energy levels intact.
  4. Take a stock of the clothes you wear. Wear clothes according to the season.  Layer up if its winter.  During summers, go for cotton clothes and breathable fabrics.
  5. Take supplements if necessary, as per doctor’s prescription, to combat the vitamins, iron and minerals deficiency.


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