Ludoking Gametion
Mrs. Soni Jaiswal is the driving force and the director of the famous game development company Gametion Technologies

In all that global technological surge no frontier is yet untouched by Indian women.  Be it arts, humanity, governance, sciences or business women power influences everywhere for the good and Gametion- the company that created Ludo King is no exception. Gametion a Mumbai based game development company was established by Vikash Jaiswal in 2008 and since then, his successful venture was accompanied by his wife Soni Jaiswal whose efforts shaped the company to what it is today.

 Vikash Jaiswal and Soni Jaiswal



The woman is privileged with what is unique to her but that nevertheless makes things easy for her. Soni being the director of the company is also a mother of two school going kids. Raising kids and looking after their schooling is a daily chore for her along with home and family. With additional responsibilities she also took on the role of the director with a zest of creating an amazing game with a young and enthusiastic team and even after witnessing huge success, her zeal of productivity hasn’t faded yet.


When Ludo King, which now has over 200 million downloads worldwide, was in its infancy in 2015. Soni as the director of the company personally managed the production of the game and was and still is a backbone of the team. She handled a tribe of young designers, artists, developers, and creative directors and managed the game production process and also the post-production issues when the game went live. She became the reason for the development and further improvements in the game that finally captured an international audience base and a global clan of dedicated players. Sustaining in the international gaming market was not always very smooth and Soni as a director is the spine of the management part while Vikash undertakes the research and development of all projects.

This Women’s day reminds of the hard work she put into creating something that is craved for globally, and the conscience calls for the respect to be paid to all the women who nurture this world!


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